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In a changing industry, we provide our agents the consumers and tools they need to build and continue a meaningful career in real estate.

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A Better Brokerage

1 / Better Agents

Our agents possess a combination of expertise, integrity, and exceptional communication skills. They prioritize understanding clients' needs and preferences, offering personalized guidance throughout the buying or selling process.

2 / Better Resources

We provide a comprehensive suite of resources to our agents, empowering them to elevate their careers. This includes advanced technology platforms for streamlined transactions, ongoing development through our coaches and mentors, and opportunities with both local buyers and sellers provided directly from our marketing and team.

3 / Better Results

When our premium agents meet our premium resources, a culture of excellence follows and equips our agents and consumers to achieve unparalleled success in the competitive real estate market.


*with 14k annual cap. Post cap 100/0%



Buyers and sellers provided by the brokerage to our agents.


Software. Transaction management. Coaching and mentoring.


Team building. Stock options.

Team Meeting

Agent Application

Apply here to take the first step in learning more about becoming a local Zephien agent.

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Managing Broker

Apply here to learn more about the requirements to become a Zephien state Managing Broker.

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