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How to Read Real Estate Agent Reviews

There's millions of real estate agents and real estate agent reviews across the country. How do you make sense of all the reviews and find the best agent for you?

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Look at the source of the real estate agent review

The source of the review can be a major indicator of the trustworthiness of the review. If they come from a reputable source such as real estate industry associations or verified client experiences you can be more confident in the quality and accuracy of the reviews.

Keep an eye out for reviews that seem vague and generic. These reviews may not be genuine and can be misleading. Ideally you will find the type of transaction the agent assisted with within the review.

Look at the reviews in a range of different categories

When looking at reviews you should look at them in a range of different categories. This includes things like customer service, knowledge of the local market, negotiation skills, and overall experience. By looking at reviews across multiple categories you can get a better idea of how well the real estate agent actually works, and how well they might match what you're looking for in your agent.

Look at their online presence outside of reviews

A real estate agent’s online presence can give you an insight into their experience, reputation and track record in the industry. Look at their website, find out what other real estate firms and professionals they are affiliated with, and read up on any awards or recognition they have received. This can be a good indication of how well-connected the agent is and how established they are in the industry.

Look for consistent patterns of praise in their reviews

When looking at real estate agent reviews, consistency can be key. These could include things like the agent's responsiveness, their ability to get the best deal for their clients, or their knowledge of the local market. If you see a pattern of positive reviews, then it is likely that the agent is doing something right and can be trusted to handle your transaction.

See how they respond to negative reviews

You can often tell just as much, or more, about an agent based on how they handle criticism. When looking at a real estate agent's reviews, it is important to look into how they respond to negative reviews. Do they own up to mistakes or take responsibility for their actions? Do they offer solutions or try to make things right for the customer who had a bad experience? This can show that the agent is willing to take ownership of their mistakes and put in the effort to make sure all of their clients are happy. A combative or overly defensive response may be a big warning sign.

Look at how frequent their reviews are

Does the agent have consistent reviews, or are you reading reviews from 5 years ago? A top agent that consistently delivers amazing results will have consistent reviews to show this. Be wary of agents that have no recent reviews to indicate their level of expertise and client satisfaction.


Reading real estate agent reviews can be a great way to find the right agent for you. Keep an eye out for the source of the review, look at reviews across multiple categories, examine their online presence, and pay attention to how they handle negative feedback. This can help you get a better idea of who the best real estate agent is for your needs!

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